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Ideal Internet Network

Ideal Solution - the leading provider of dedicated servers and hosting services of any size anywhere in the world. There are small and large projects. If you are an individual seller, small businessman or a large company - we will find the right equipment for you. We are friendly, we have a very hardworking and helpful staff. Our main goal - your project and its success. We work for you and are proud of the quality of our technical support.

Our personal mission for dedicated server hosting - its quality

  • We provide the best equipment for dedicated servers
  • We provide the best support for our clients
  • We focus on the result, our goal - your successful business

Word-class datacenter and network system

Ideal Solution - a company that puts its equipment only in the best world-class data centers. Multiple backup power supply inputs, diesel generators, fire fighting system and innovative system of protection against attacks. Better infrastructure for a reasonable price. All this - the Ideal Solution.

Guaranteed network uptime 99.97%+

We are that confident in our network's reliability and performance that we offer a Guaranteed network uptime 99.7%+ as standard to the all our servers. We understand that serious businesses projects cannot afford downtime.

Setup per 24 hours

All our dedicated servers are setup per 24 hours (Monday to Friday). We provide free setup on all of our dedicated servers and solutions.

Enterprise level hardware

All our servers - branded, enterprise grade rackmount Supermicro and other famous brands. We use only the hight class servers. All server components throughout the construction as well as enterprise hard drives. In our servers you will not find a cheaper or bad components.

Choice of any OS

Choose from Unix & Linux, and Windows offerings on your to dedicated servers.

We give a personal control Panel of needs and offer administration

We have different control panels. We can set different control panel, it depends on your requirements when ordering.

Month to Month personal Contract

You can cancel the service at any time and you will not have to pay for the next month.