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Let's find out what prices are approximately in the market and in what cases it is better to place the server software not on their own platforms, but on our servers.
As an example let's take a small cafe or hotel with a software products of any high-class company. A server for databases will cost you at least the first year of ownership:
1. The computer itself has an average computing power;
2. External storage for backup copies of databases and documentation;
3. Problems with receiving IPv4 addresses
4. It is also necessary to lay down possible breakdowns of your hardware complex. If you take 10% per year - that's about 4,000, excluding work.

Total, with the minimum configuration of your station, it turns out that the first year. Plus, everything should take into account the complexity and high cost of upgrading and maintaining your complex.

• Flooding of hardware (may leave all equipment and data loss)
• Fire in the room (may leave all equipment and data loss)
• Intentional damage to data and / or property (may leave all equipment and loss of data)
• temporary loss of performance of the complex due to local breakdown
• Intentional theft of property or data (many clients work on computers with server-side as on a workstation, which is unsafe for many factors)
• Data corruption in case of malicious intent of 3 sides (for example, virus programs on workstations can be encountered as a common problem)

Based on the above aspects of our company, the company has prepared and successfully integrated for many of our partners the possibility of placing your programs (server software) on our servers, where in addition to the lack of the above mentioned minuses also introduced:
• reservation of communication channels (we do not depend on one communication provider - the Internet is repeatedly duplicated)
• daily backup of all data, and not only programs and databases
• easy scalability based on your needs (you only pay for the resources you need)
• security from hacking / penetration / theft / any other unauthorized access

To improve the performance of your software, we recommend organizing your own network in our data center and we will help you with this. here you can get your own network for using the BGP protocol. That will help you manage resources independently and stabilize the network even more.