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To have their own IP addresses and not to depend on their provider, in fact, it is mandatory for every organization that wants to have the stability of its services and sites We suggest getting IPv4 addresses from us and using them for independent routing with own autonomous system. Thus, you can work with any provider, and your services will always be available in case of disconnection of one of the providers.

Dedicated IPv4 addresses are needed for:
- ISP, for providing real IPv4 addresses to their customers to suit their needs.
- Companies who wants independent routing via BGP and organization own infrastructure.
- By using IP addresses, you can connect equipment directly to the Internet and access the infrastructure from anywhere in the world.
- IP addresses are needed by hosting providers and data centers for providing hosting services and virtual servers, dedicated servers.

There are various cases when it is recomended to an orgatization to use assigned IPv4 subnets:
- guarantee connection (to be connected to two o more ISP using own IPv4 subnet and ASN)
- services that should be accessible by public IP (websites, mail servers, monitoring systems, CRM etc)
- lisencing per IP

In all these cases and more we can offer you IPv4 purchasing or leasing with ASN registration

Addresses are registered to the end user and information about him will be displayed in whois.